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Low Carb Pumpkin Pie

By, Mallory Haldeman You can’t attend a Thanksgiving meal without facing the PIE! I have just the solution …Low Carb pumpkin pie! I like searching for pie crusts made with nut flours such as Pecans to keep the flavor high and the sugars OUT.  There are a few places that will sell pre made ones . I have found some at both Whole Foods and Trader Joes in the past. They can be made from scratch but will require additional prep time. I have found this recipe to come out quite well . ( Only 4 ingredients. I replace the sugar with ¼ cup stevia powder . Remember that healthy isn’t always just cutting out calories. I very often use butters and oils when baking. The sugars are the first place I will search for an alternative.   INGREDIENTS: 15oz canned  pumpkin , organic when available 2 eggs 2/3 cup almond milk 1/3 cup Half and Half ½ cup Truvia 1 tsp maple extract  1 TBSP cinnamon  ¼ tsp of both ginger and nutmeg   DIRECTIONS: You can easily hand mix this pie. Combine everything at once and once you’ve blended it all smoothly pour into the pie crust. I sprinkle a bit of salt , cloves and crushed pecans over the top before baking. 425 degrees for approx 25 minutes should give you the perfect reason to reach for dessert this season !

Chocolate Power Protein Balls with Gaspari Nutrition’s MyoFusion

By, Brett Bauer   INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup of oats 2 scoops of chocolate MyoFusion 2 tbsp of almond butter (with flax seed) or organic peanut butter. 1 cup of apple sauce that is UNSWEETENED 1/4 cup of shaved almonds (optional ) DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients together, form into about 10 balls on sheet of wax paper & stick in freezer. NUTRITION FACTS: Per Ball: Carbs- 6.5, Fat- 3.7, Protein- 6.5, Calories- 85.3

Fiesta Lime Orange Roughy

By, Charlotte Snow INGREDIENTS: Orange Roughy (Or fish of your choice) Fresh Limes Cilantro Mrs. Dash Salt Free Fiesta Lime Seasoning   INSTRUCTIONS: Cut 2 or 3 limes into fours (you will use these to squeeze juice) Slice another lime into thin pieces (to place on top of fish while it bakes) Chop fresh cilantro into small pieces Line the pan with tin foil and spray with non-fat, no stick cooking spray Lay the fish on the pan Squeeze the juice from limes you cut into fours generously among the fish Season the fish with Mrs. Dash Salt Free Fiesta Lime Seasoning Sprinkle Cilantro along top of the fish and into the limejuice Bake at 350 degrees for 11-14 minutes if thawed (25-30 minutes if frozen) Pair with fresh asparagus and quinoa

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