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By, Charlotte Snow Newsflash! There is a food (well condiment) that may help you stop going for that extra piece…or two of pizza! Believe it or not, some studies have been done to show sprinkling red chili peppers atop of your food might just help you to stop eating when you’re full. Where did this information come from you ask? A study from the journal Appetite has been conducted to gage the effects “spicing up” your food would have on total food consumption. A group of people, all ranging in the early 30’s age bracket were asked to be a part of this four session study, conducted over 36 hours. In the first go around, the subjects were given various foods to eat. In the second session, the people were given the same exact foods but with red pepper flakes added to the meals. They repeated this two more times…had the same foods, the third time not spiced up, and the second time spiced up. After each meal the subjects were given pizza to eat freely…as much as they wanted, they could have. So….what happened?? Well, the study showed that the participants ate 30 percent LESS pizza after eating the meals with chili pepper flakes then without the spice! What’s even better? They also reported feeling more full overall after eating the food kicked up a notch. Here’s the deal… if you are taking in enough calories to maintain satiety for your body weight daily, the pepper flakes may help prevent you from eating too much for the fact that their flavor is so strong and savory. It was concluded that by spicing up your food, it may force you to slow down while you are eating and really enjoy each bite. By slowing down, your brain will have the chance to let your belly know it’s had enough before you’ve gone overboard! Maybe try spicing up your food this week and see if it helps you consume less calories!

Competition Diets VS Healthy Living

By, Charlotte Snow   Okay, for those of us who are fitness competitors, we all know ridiculously intense our diets are during competition season! I mean, we are talking no joking around, crazy, hard - core diets. When clients or friends express interest dieting down to achieve this “stage look”, but have no intention of ever competing, I try to explain to them that eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a much healthier, better route to go.   When we, competitors, are on prep, we are weighing all of our food, literally every ounce of food we consume we strategically weigh and pack in Tupperware to take with us for the day. We have to make sure there is no added salt, unknown spice or any kind of oil or such on our food. So, we are limited in the sense that we can’t easily just grab something on the road. Seems kind of strict, huh? Well, it is. This is my life on season. No questions asked.   However, off season is a little less strict. I still weigh and pack my food for the day, because I do stick to an off season diet, but, if I am out and want to grab lunch with a friend, I can easily order something healthy at a restaurant. I allow myself the freedom to change up my meals. As long as I am eating healthy, making clean choices and sticking within my range of macros for the day, I am okay. I maintain my healthy lifestyle, a physique I am happy with and optimal energy! This is what I recommend to anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would never put my clients who are uninterested in competing on a strict competition diet. It’s hard, very trying and truly unnecessary if you’re not planning to step on stage.

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