Ab FX Reviewed

December 2, 2013
Ab FX Reviewed

By, Justin Purcell

THE CLAIM: Ab FX advanced transdermal formula is specifically designed to get rid of hard to lose abdominal fat – fast. Exclusive European formula combines the most advanced fat mobilizers available today, with Beta & Alpha Hydroxy Acids that make your skin smoother while it works. This precisely balanced formulation penetrates deep into the outer layers of the skin enhancing mobilization of fat cells while you train. Toning creams have been around for years, I remember using them in high school in the late 90’s. Allegedly the cream will help break down and dissolve the subcutaneous fat located around any troublesome areas. With diet and exercise will AB FX assist in speeding up the process and producing quicker results?

EFFECTIVENESS: There are a lot of similar products that make substantial claims as to how effective they are, but very few deliver. From the first application you can feel the ingredients permeating your skin. You feel an instant sensation followed by a heating feeling that immediately makes the applied areas start to sweat. What I especially like as a power athlete is it heats up the areas quite nicely and I feel like my muscles warm up significantly faster. I generally apply it prior to my first set, and then again before cardio. In addition to the cream I will wear a wrap around the applied areas to generate even more heat, and in the two weeks I’ve been using this cream I have seen more abdominal definition, especially around the Serratus areas of my abdomen. I also apply the cream to my shoulders for the added heat aspect, and to also help tone.

OVERALL REVIEW: I highly recommend this cream to anyone who wants to tone quicker, and tighten up some of the areas that always seem to lag behind. The results will be obvious, and the cost of the product is minimal compared to other competitors in the market. Click on the following link and use my personal athlete code to receive a generous discount of 20% OFF.  code: JustinFX

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