Abs – My Secrets Revealed!

November 22, 2013
Charlotte Snow Body-FX


I don’t know what’s sexier then a toned, sculpted belly.  I mean, who doesn’t want killer abs, right?!  Whether you’re competing in a show, getting ready for a beach vacation or sporting a bikini at a friend’s pool party, we all want our mid section to stand out…not stick out!  I know I do!  Let me tell you some of my secrets to getting and keeping abs you can be proud to show off!

“Abs are made in the kitchen” is something you hear a lot…and this is true!  Diet plays a huge part in keeping a lean mid section…that should come as no surprise.  If you’re eating unhealthy junk food, overloading on simple carbs like breads and pastas and eating too many unhealthy fats, well duh…your stomach is going to show it!  But I assume this is pretty common knowledge.  What a lot of people fail to consider, however, is sodium intake.  If you’re consuming tons of sodium, you will hold water, and guess what?  No matter how nicely defined your abs are, if you’re bloated with water retention, those puppies are not coming out to play!

As for exercise, there is not one recipe for everyone.  Everyone’s genetics are different and therefore his or her abs needs to be trained differently.  One thing that everyone can do, though, is make sure to think about keeping your core tight and pulled in while lifting.  Doing so will alleviate your abs from bearing any excess stress or burden of the weight and will prevent them from building out instead of in.  Also, when you are training abs, be sure to exhale and pull that tummy in with every contraction!  This will help you build deeper abs that again goes in instead of building them out!

And finally, adding a topical fat burner, like AB-Fx, which is my personal favorite, will help immensely!  No, this is not a cure all, put it on and kick your feet up and watch TV miracle cream, sorry!  BUT, it IS an amazingly effective aid to a clean diet and good exercise routine.  I rub this on my belly every day before I work out, whether I am doing abs that day or not.  I put it on before cardio, weight training, whatever it is I am doing.  It actually heats up the skin and the caffeine penetrates the fat cells, breaking them up and releases them into the blood stream.  It helps to tighten the skin in the area where applied so the skin will stretch tightly over the muscles you’ve worked so hard to get and helps show those bad boys off!  I truly love it!!  And lucky for you, you can go to and order online with my discount code and you’ll save 20% off of your order!  Just enter CharlotteFX at checkout to receive your discount!

After you try it for a few days, you’ll be hooked!  Visit me on Facebook at and let me know how it works for you!  Have a healthy week!!

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