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Destination Abs

By, Brett Bauer There are so many Ab exercises to tighten and tone your mid section. One of my favorite exercises for abs are planks. What is great about planks is that you can do them anywhere since they require no weights or machines. You use your body weight and can do several variations depending on your level. A traditional plank is with your elbows and forearms to the ground keeping your back and legs in a straight line. Make sure you keep your abs tight. At first you may only be able to hold for a few seconds. Slowly work your way up gradually to hold for longer time increments. A second variation is planking with extended arms. This will give a different angle and resistance on your core. A third variation are side lateral planks. You can do short or extended arms with a side lateral plank. You want to create a "triangle" in the empty space keeping your hip from dropping. Try adding any variation of planks into your workouts.  In conjunction with a healthy diet, planks are a great exercise to tone your abs and strengthen your core.  

Ab FX Skin Toning Cream for Ripped Abs

AB FX skin toning cream is a transdermal formula which helps in the elimination of the abdominal fat and reduction of cellulite as fast as possible. If you are looking for a product to help to define more your muscles or abs in conjunction with a healthy meal and exercise plan, then AB FX is the perfect cream for you. Imagine in just one month of use, you can have a reduced fat tissue as well as more hydrated skin. What to know about AB FX It is one of the exclusive formulas produced in Europe which contains substances for advanced mobilizers. The combination of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids leads into beautiful and flawless skin through the use of this cream. This skin toning cream deeply penetrates the outer part of the skin and releases the fat directly to the bloodstreams which is being used as energy. It is also composed of Xephoniphonyl which helps in the reduction of fat deposition in your body in affected areas. It is also made up of CoEnzyme Q, L-Carnitine (5%), Caffeine (1%),.CoEnzyme A (CoA>150ppm), Yohimbe, Chaihu (3%) and Elderberry. The main focus of this cream is to eradicate the spongy layer which is one of the obstacles in achieving the physique or six packs that you are dreaming for so long. The mentioned ingredients have their specific jobs in the production of smooth and firm skin and achieving ripped abs. Chaihu acts like lipolysis which eliminates the look of the cellulites while it hydrates the skin CoA, L-Carnitine, Caffeine are the responsible in moving the deposits of fat in your body into your bloodstreams Elderberry allows your body to receives diuretic effect which let the reduction process of bloating as well as water retention in your body For Best Results However, the user will achieve best results when you including a well-balanced diet and proper daily exercise routine. Oftentimes this lotion is applied ten minutes directly before users took their workout. The product is specifically designed to target the belly fat. But according to some of its user, it is also effective on the oblique and lower back which is one of the affected areas of fat deposition. You may experience mild side effects, especially for people who have caffeine sensitivity. Application of the product may result in upset stomach and other unwanted side effects. Users should expect reddening and warming of the skin upon application of the product. In conclusion, Ab FX skin toning cream is specifically designed to get rid of that hard to lose abdominal fat – FAST! That’s right, get those ripped abs you’ve always wanted. Our exclusive European skin toning formula combines the most advanced fat mobilizers available in the marketplace today!

Yoga, Why Do It??

By, Charlotte Snow YOGA - WHY DO IT?? There are many reasons to do yoga. Increased blood flow throughout the body, stress management, muscle flexibility, better energy, improved sleep, just to name a few. Never tried it? Think it isn't for you? Afraid you'll make a fool of yourself in class? Not to worry! There is a way to solve each of these issues. First of all, there are may different types and styles of yoga. From vigorous vinyasas and ashtanga to power yoga, which are only a few of the many different styles you can practice, you are sure to find one you like! For those of you looking to incorporate an exercise routine into your lifestyle and perhaps don"t enjoy lifting weights and bodybuilding per-say, this would be a great way to burn calories, improve muscle agility and tone and shape your body. In yoga, you are using your own body weight and strength to hold various postures which help lengthen the muscles giving them more shape while also keeping them flexible and healthy. Have injuries that prevent you from getting your workout in? Great! Not great that you have injuries, but great that there's a way to work out, burn those calories AND also help heal your body! Yes. You read that right. Aside from taking Glutamine to help recover your muscle and prevent soreness, yoga has been proven to aid in the healing of many types of injuries, from neck and back to pulled leg muscles. Just be sure to make your instructor aware of your injuries at the beginning of class this way he or she can make any necessary modifications to the practice to prevent further injury and also help with the recovery process. Embarrassed to take class? Feel uncoordinated and afraid you might make a fool out of yourself? Well everyone has to start somewhere! But have no fear. There are many great DVDs you can buy to practice in privacy and comfort of your own home. Many on demand service providers also offer yoga classes on their exercise and fitness channels now as well, and most of them are free! How cool? This is a great way to boost your confidence! After a few sessions at home, you will be ready to join the class and set yourself up right in the front row! I personally LOVE hot yoga! It is my absolute favorite! It's cleansing, both physically and spiritually. I know some people, especially those trying to gain or keep weight on are skeptical of this practice. No worries. If this is you, just add a weight gainer from Muscle Sandwich into your diet! Still need more convincing? How does more restful sleep, better digestion and improved mental awareness and moods sound? Give it a try! What do you have to loose? I know you are going to love it!

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