Cardio Doesn’t Work for Me

October 23, 2013
Cardio Doesn't Work for Me

By Charlotte Snow

Alright, so be honest…how many of you drive to the gym, do 30 minutes or maybe an hour of the SAME cardio, every day, maybe a few crunches, leave, get a smoothie and call it a day? If this is you, and you’re not seeing results…there is a good reason. So first of all, CHANGE it up!!! Folks, you cannot do the SAME thing day in and day out and expect results. Why? Well…let’s think about it. When you began your workout routine six months ago, you were feeling a burn. You were tired, sore and felt a good burn. If you haven’t made any changes to your daily gym session, you’re most likely getting through that 30 minutes of steady state cardio, walking, jogging or even climbing the stairs without too much effort. See our bodies adapt to our workouts. After a few weeks, you start to get used to doing the same ole, and it just becomes a normal part of the day. In essence, your body will benefit as much from the same old routine as it does from walking through the mall or to get the mail. It is so important to change up what you’re doing! Listen…if you LOVE the stairs, okay, I’m not insisting that you avoid them like the plague, BUT change the resistance. If you’re always doing the fat burn cycle on level 8, push it up!! Try it at level 10! Better yet, switch it to interval training, or do a manual cycle. Set it to level 8 without the intervals and see how it feels to climb those stairs at a steady pace for 30 minutes. I bet you’ll feel a huge difference and you might just be quite shocked to see how exhausting this change is for you! You want to switch up your workouts because you want to shock your body….give your body something new, that it’s not expecting! This forces your body to work harder to adapt to the new workout and it will raise your heart rate AND burn even more fat!! The key is to have effective cardio sessions that will keep your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) soaring through the day so you continue to burn those calories when you’re at work, cooking, watching TV and sleeping! Push yourself! If you feel like the sessions are becoming easy, they probably are!!! So listen to your body and amp it up! How about a cardio circuit a couple of times a week? Do 15 minutes on the Stairs, 15 minutes on the Elliptical and 15 minutes walking on a high incline at a good steady pace. But move quickly from one to the other! Don’t take time to chat between! Keep the heart rate up! Making changes are not only good for your body, but they’re good for your mind too! “I love doing cardio” said almost no one ever, so make it fun! By changing it up it can make the dreaded 30-minute prison sentence fly by! Have you ever heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder”? Well, work smarter and harder! If you’re putting the time in, make every minute count!!! Have a blessed and healthy week!!! Until next time…xoxox

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