Benefits of Core Training

By, Jen Delgado The significant benefits of core training follow through to whatever you are involved in, because the area around your trunk and pelvis is where your center of gravity is located. A strong core gives you: • Better posture • More control • Improved, more powerful performance • Injury prevention and rehabilitation • Increased protection and "bracing" for your back • A more stable center of gravity • A more stable platform for sports movements When you have good core stability, the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen work together. They provide support to your spine and help transmit increased power and performance for just about any activity. A weak core makes you susceptible to lower back pain, poor posture and a whole host of muscle injuries. Strong core muscles provide the brace of support needed to help prevent such pain and injury and this discovery is why core training has become so popular among elite athletes. Other benefits include a toned torso and abs and a healthy and flexible lower back. Your lower ab muscles are drawn in towards the spine to help you sit up straight, improving your posture. Core training is an intelligent training structure, because it strengthens weak muscles and imbalances from the inside out. Core stability exercises boost performance by building up weak areas and help to avoid a variety of injuries, especially those involving the back, groin, hamstrings and knee. The reason most athletes skip or sometimes avoid on this vital part of their workout is because the benefits are simply overlooked. Core stability training, while presenting the performance advantages to most athletes, it must be approached in the right way. With the popularity of pilates and yoga and other core muscle exercise programs the far-reaching benefits of this kind of training has become well known. Plus, the best thing of it all if having great abs!!!

Obesity is an Epidemic

By, Justin Purcell Obesity is an epidemic and our health as a nation has seen an abrupt curve throughout the last 10 years that facilitate towards the scenario of being the sickest nation in history. Although simplicity, ease, and effortless have taken over our everyday lives with electronics, apps, and social media very simple alterations can make us healthier as we continue to advance. Our brains are advancing while our bodies are retreating. 12 years ago a client of mine was overweight, had high blood pressure, hyper-tension, diabetes, and was trapped in a routine that would most certainly lead to a very dark place. At 63 years old, 5’6, and 240lbs she would have been considered morbidly obese among today’s standards. Besides her 40 hour work week she didn’t feel she had the time or the knowledge to work out, and she also carried all the known stereotypes about training like being muscle bound and being an aggressive meathead. After a little reassuring I was able to put her on a very basic diet which reduced her caloric intake, and lessened the amount of cheap, and simple carbs she was in taking. We increased lean proteins, supplemented one meal with a lean protein bar, and introduced glutamine for recovery. The protein bar served a dual purpose in setting up a reward system after training, and to reduce the daily calorie intake. Then we took a look at her daily schedule, and incorporated some basic time management. Each day she would spend 4 hours watching television, 1 hour before work, and 3 hours after work to relax. By lifting weights at a high rep and intensity level for less than an hour immediately after work she found out she was able to relax better, sleep more soundly, and have increased energy at work. Being more productive at work enabled her to finish her work early and get home even earlier than she had before. In 5 months she lost 80lbs, her blood pressure normalized, and the hyper-tension and diabetes disappeared completely. Her doctors took her off all of her prescription medication, and were astounded how she was able to reclaim her life without being medicated for symptoms. She solved the underlying issue, and never had to mask symptoms again. Fast forward to our present day and she’s an extremely active 75 year old who trains 6 days per week, and has signed up for a WABDL power-lifting meet in March to break the deadlift record for the state of Nevada. The human body is amazing, and even after years of abuse you can reverse the effects of a normal everyday lifestyle. Age and condition can always be over-come and you can always change if you truly want to. Accepting an element of sports nutrition into your life can transform you. My client dedicates less than an hour per day to exercise while keeping tabs on her diet. This minute change will work wonders in extending your life and counter-acting any type of lifestyle, even a sedentary one.

It’s Ab Day!

By, Mallory Haldeman "Abs" , we all want them but how do we get them? This is the question I most often receive. Critics will say some of my pics are photo shopped , or that abs are "merely genetic." FALSE. The shape of our mid section and it's muscles may come from your momma but it's conditioning is completely up to us! When I first began training , I , like everyone else , wanted an awesome stomach. So, I trained abs daily and in every way I could think of. The results however , we're not a tight and shredded waist . I was building muscle but losing my small waist and flat tummy. I didn't understand how much I used my core just doing my regular training . Unless you're sitting and completely isolating a muscle you're using core muscle . Adding too much weight to ab exercises will also cause us ladies to gain a thicker waist. Now, I train a bit different . Weight belt is a staple to all weight training , cardio is always accompanied by my Ab-fx and neoprene wrap and "ab day" is reserved for high rep minimal weight , no weighted obliques, and only one day a week. The results speak for themselves . Here are a few of my favorites to make a work out from : V-ups holding a 5 or 10lb plate Army plank crawl V-ups passing the bosu ball Try doing 15-25 reps of each one without a break and go through it 3-4 times ;) . You may already be familiar with these , but if not, check back next week and I'll be posting. Short video showing each one as well as my choices for weight belt and waist wraps. ENJOY XXOO: Mallory


By, Charlotte Snow We’ve all said it…we’ve all done it. Yes, even I have those days where I crave some warm, hearty comfort food to warm me from the inside it out during those frigid winter days. And guess what? You can have your warm, make you feel oh - so -good meal without blowing your diet! What do you crave on those cold winter nights after a long day at the office? Maybe you take the train or the bus and you’re literally chilled to the bone from walking 15 blocks to the train station or waiting at the curb for thirty minutes for the bus that’s been delayed. Most people tell me they go for pasta and creamy sauces. So starchy and fatty. Hmmm…that sounds like a recipe for a disaster on the scale. Well, what if we can find a way to satisfy that craving and still keep that belly flat? There are so many great alternatives to pasta. I mean, have you SEEN the pasta isle at the grocery store lately? We not only have whole wheat pasta in pretty much every shape and size, BUT, we also have brown rice pasta, quinoa pasta, even millet pasta! These pastas over a much healthier alternative to a white flour pasta, providing more protein and because they are whole grains will keep you full longer and won’t reap havoc on your insulin levels the way white flour pasta will. Now for the creamy part. I’m not going to deny it, cream sauces taste delicious, but let’s be real…they pack on the pounds. Ever try making one using coconut milk? Oh my! It’s delicious! Not only does it mix well to a creamy consistency, but it has a nice sweetness to it that adds a great flavor! Chop some Vidalia onions and tomatoes, season it up and sauté it to create a sweet onion cream sauce. You can also do this with almond or brown rice milk! Enjoy!! And stay warm!!

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