December 3, 2013
Charlotte Snow

By, Charlotte Snow

People constantly ask me about diuretics.  They’re looking to loose a few pounds, get a quick fix before a beach vacation or have some big event they’re attending that they want to look stellar at.  I’m also questioned on my own personal use of diuretics.  I get the “wow, you must take tons of diuretics all of the time to stay so lean”.  Wrong!  I do not take hard-core diuretics year round.  As a matter of fact, I limit my use to right before my competition and if necessary before some photo shoots…BUT…even then I am cautious and strategic in my consumption.

There are a lot of great, natural diuretics.  For example, asparagus, believe it or not, is a great diuretic.  It helps pull water from your body and I eat tons of it!  It’s natural, I love the taste and it doesn’t mess with the water balance in your body, because it naturally helps your body rid of excess fluid.  Another natural diuretic is Vitamin C.  Not only is this super vitamin good for your immune system, it helps a great deal in preventing water retention.

Now, I do use some over the counter diuretics around show time.  It’s an absolute necessity to step on stage.  How much and how long I take them varies show-to-show depending on how my body is looking and reacting.  When I do choose a diuretic, however, I do so very carefully.  I want to be careful not to mess with my body’s natural balance too drastically so I opt for an effective diuretic that is strong enough to get the job done quickly but gentle enough that I won’t have a crazy readjustment period after I return to my normal water intake.  One of my favorite diuretics on the market is a Ab FX’s diuretic tablets.  They work fast, give great results and don’t leave me with nasty side effects.  If you’re getting ready to compete you should definitely give these a try!  You won’t be disappointed!  Try them now for 20% by entering CharlotteFX at checkout.

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