The Importance of Rest & Listening to Your Body

November 18, 2013
Rest Day

By, Brett Bauer

Yes your diet and exercise are very important on your fitness journey. Sleep is also one the most important variables in staying on track with not only diet and exercise, but focusing on day to day life.

I have forced myself in the past to get up and do cardio in the morning when I was extremely exhausted. As the day would progress my body would then start to crave sugar and carbs from being fatigued. If I had just slept in, I could of prevented falling off my diet and just hit the gym the next day.

Not only lack of sleep can lead to food temptations and caffeine overload, but your body needs to recover. Listening to your body is very crucial. It will tell you when you need to take a break and need rest. Rest days in general are very important to take, at least once a week. By not taking rest days, or allowing your body to rest when it is telling you to, can lead to over training and then to injuries. By listening to your body, you will reach your fitness goals faster and most importantly long term.

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