Overcoming Plateaus With Training

December 16, 2013
Brett Bauer Fitness Model

By, Brett Bauer

Have you ever hit a plateau with cardio and training? I would always stick to what I knew and do the stair mill, treadmill, or elliptical.

A good way to switch up the cardio and to help increase fat loss is High Intensity Interval Training. (HIIT).

By doing this type of cardio ( or weight training ) your heart rate gets spiked on each interval. Instead of keeping it a steady rate with traditional cardio, you can throw this into your workouts a few times a week.

For example, doing a sprint, then jump rope, followed by jump squats and rotate every minute is a type of interval. There are so many variations you can do, just as long as the intervals are short and intense. Here are some of the scientific benefits from HIIT:

  • Increased resting metabolic rate for upwards of 24 hours after exercise • Improved insulin sensitivity in the muscles
  • Higher levels of fat oxidation in the muscles
  • Significant spikes in growth hormone levels (which aid in fat loss) and catecholamine levels (chemicals your body produces to directly induce fat mobilization)
  • Post-exercise appetite suppression

If you feel nauseas at the end of the HIIT, you did a good job! It can make yo0u feel a little scattered since your body may not be used to do the same type of consistent exercise. It also will create muscle confusion to help get your body to use other body parts and form you may not be familiar with.

Try out interval training and throw some weight training in the mix. No matter what variation, you will be surprised with what the intervals can do for your physique and endurance.

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