Post Cheat Day Tips

December 2, 2013
Cheat Day

By, Brett Bauer

Okay,  so you had a “cheat” meal, then that cheat meal turned into a day, or maybe even two. It can be hard mentally to get out of that mode and to not keep falling off your diet. Sometimes when you are on a disciplined diet for some time, a taste of sugar or calorie dense food you are not used to can make you crave more. This is why so many people can have a tendency to fall of their program and then not get back on.

The day after you end up going off your diet ( whether it was a week, a month, or just a couple days long) it is always hard to get back on track. Your body is craving the junk or other food, appetite is up, you feel bloated, energy is low, and mentally might feel disappointed from the food debacle that might of happened. Well you have to break free of that slump at some point, so here are some usually “post binge” tips if you happen to had a food frenzy and are trying to get back on track:


Post Cheat Day Tips


That first day back is always the hardest, especially mentally. But just think in a few days you will feel better from once again eating clean and being on your normal routine. Your body will adjust before you know it. No one is perfect and most fitness conscious people go through it. Just take appropriate steps to get yourself feeling like yourself again!

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