Off season? What’s that?!

November 22, 2013
Charlotte Snow off season

By, Charlotte Snow

A big question that I am often asked is “So now that you’re done competing until the spring, you can eat whatever you want and you don’t need to train so hard, right?”  Wrong.  So very wrong! Off-season is not a time to take it easy and let go to undo all of the countless hours of blood, sweat, tears and good old hard work!  Quite the opposite!  Off-season is a time to build, reshape and fine tune those things that were perhaps not quite where they needed to be for stage.

Now I’m not saying I follow my competition diet all year long.  That would just be crazy, and well, unhealthy!  But I do stick to an off-season diet.  So yes, I still weigh my food and take my meals with me everywhere I go….BUT…I am more lenient.  Instead of one cheat meal a week, I will have two.  If I want to go out to eat and it’s not my cheat day, I will go out and eat super clean, and not stress one bit over whether or not the chicken is 4 or 5 ounces.  I stick to a regimen the majority of the time so I can relax when I am out.  It is important to do this, both mentally and physically.

As for my training, I train just as hard, if not harder, since I am eating more food and I have more energy.  I keep my cardio up, I lift heavy and I try to incorporate different styles of training into my routine.  For instance, I love climbing silks, so I try to do it once a week.  It’s an incredible back/shoulder workout and it’s a TON of fun.  I also try to box more frequently and recently have really gotten into TRX training.

The key to a healthy life is maintenance.  I maintain a healthy weight, I keep my body fat  low and truly, I try to keep myself in such condition that I only need four weeks of dieting to prepare for a show!

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