functional training

Achieve Better Results with Functional Training

By, Justin Purcell This week I’m going to write about how incorporating functional training into your training regimen, or perhaps your clients regimens to achieve better overall results. To train like a Strongman, you don’t need to be a Strongman. Functional training incorporates different muscle groups which when trained correctly will strengthen each athlete while providing better gym results. This will bridge the gap, and be more conducive to muscle tone. For example, this week during my Advanced Strongman training class at Sin City Crossfit I had a pair of young men trying out a new sport. They had no concept or idea of the style of training we were going to do. When I train athletes I’m extremely anal with proper form, because we don’t have room for injuries we can prevent. These two men trained with me in 5 disciplines over the course of 3 hours. At the end of the training we worked on Atlas Stones. Respectively, each athlete weighs approximately 150lbs and each of them we able to hoist the 200, 300, and 350lb Atlas stone to a height of 42 inches. Even though they were tired, and beat up from a long training day, their form proved to be all they needed to accomplish a great feat of strength. Check out this video!! Training like a strongman can build your body in any way you desire. One of the young men that trained today is in the military and wants to be stronger but remain quick, and lean. While the other young man wants to add mass and become more powerful. Slight variations in the training can accommodate each athlete and they can still train alongside each other. They train in a typical gym throughout the week, but will continue to incorporate strongman each Sunday to add variety, have fun, and to attain results. Atlas stones require total body involvement to execute it correctly. Training with stones at high reps will build core, back, hamstrings, calves, traps, chest, and biceps in each rep. So if you were in a pinch for time, 3 sets of 12 with the Atlas Stones will shock your body, double as a strength and cardio component, and it will be the most challenging HIT training you could perform. So if you want to squat more, deadlift more, develop core strength, or just get stronger and leaner use Atlas Stones. They can be made to any weight and circumference, and they tend to last forever. Change your routine and see how your body adapts.

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