Winter is around the corner and our diets start to change a little with all the Holiday meals, but there is a wonderful product that can help you speed up that fat burning process and get rid of the excess sodium all that food contains. Especially on Thanksgiving, we must consuming three days worth of food and sodium.  It’s called Ab FX. You apply it topically around your midsection, glutes, thighs, and even arms. What a great time to use when it’s also very cold since it increases body heat. It starts working immediately. Use it while you doing cardio, weight lifting, and even when you’re not training. For best results, you need to use it consistently. – Jen Delgado


I love that I can visibly see my skin smoothing out after using this product.  When I work out with my Tone FX on, my skin feels much tighter then a day I would work out without applying it.  After continuous use in just a few weeks, I have seen a change in my body, especially right below my glutes…the area most of us women are always trying to tone up!  I especially love using it close to show time.  To tighten the skin as much as possible before I hit the stage.  Anyone competing….I STRONGLY recommend you try this! – Charlotte Snow


During my last prep for a shoot I used the Tone FX. I had tried another tightening cream for one of my contest preps in the past. Unfortunately the one I had used then irritated my skin. This made me hesitant to use any other creams. When using the Tone FX, I applied it before I would do morning cardio and at night before bed. I had no skin irritation and the cream smelled really good.

This is a great product if you are looking to just tightened up certain problem areas. For me I used on my legs/ stomach area. After being consistent for using for 2 weeks, is when I began to notice my areas lean up and change. I had dieted for 12 weeks, but that little last bit to shrink up was always the hardest.

With any fat burner or fat loss product, you always have to be consistent with your diet and exercise first. The fat burners and creams do work, but you still need to put in the work. Just like the working out, you can run circles in the gym but if your diet is not clean you will not see results. Keep it clean and try some cream! :) – Brett Bauer

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